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NorthShoreAlert  June 7, 2022


Brief update on recent overnight noise issues

Last summer many of us experienced an issue with deep-bass music and thumping coming from Queens and the Bronx.

Music travels over water like a skipping stone and travels very, very far.

Our local police forces have assured us that it is not coming from within or near our communities.

Unfortunately, over the last few weeks there has been a resurgence of that thumping in the middle of the night, penetrating many of our homes.

Over the past two weekends, Nassau County PD, the Port Washington PD, and various Great Neck PDs have been getting many complaints as well.  We are even hearing reports from as far out as Oyster Bay.

According to all reports, the noise is coming from vehicles with giant car-mounted boom boxes--some as large as 6’ wide and 4’ high mounted on the cars for “meet ups”.  Please see picture of boom box car below.

Monday, I held a conference call with the Police Commissioner of Nassau County.

We have asked them to assist even more than they already have.

Nassau County has assured us they will work in coordination with our local police departments and with NYPD to address this issue.

Because of their influence with the NYPD, I am hopeful (and fairly confident) their involvement will make a material difference.

Fingers crossed and that is all for now.

Peter Forman, Commissioner

Port Washington-Manhasset Office of Emergency Management

Car boombox 6.jpg
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