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Protecting the Port Washington Peninsula

PWM OEM to open first emergency dispensary POD. Volunteers needed.

Port Washington, June 11, 2009– Working closely with the Nassau County Department of Health, the Port Washington Office of Emergency Management (PWM OEM) is actively engaged in establishing a Point of Dispensing (POD), which will be used to dispense preventive medication or vaccines in the event of a disease outbreak or similar health emergency. It is planned that the POD, at County direction, will dispense and/or administer antibiotics, vaccines and other medical supplies as necessary. This will allow residents a local venue to receive needed medications. (A POD is only for preventative treatment and not for the treatment of illness. The ill would be directed to an appropriate health care facility.)

PODs are staffed by volunteers who will work with the PWMOEM, the County and other medically trained individuals. For most POD roles, no medical experience is necessary. Volunteers are needed to:

  • Greet and provide directions to people

  • Help to fill-out forms

  • Keep track of supplies

  • Supervise staff

  • Set-up and break down equipment at the POD site

  • Assist medical staff with screening

  • Coordinate transportation and provide general assistance

  • Provide security support and/or flow and traffic control, etc…


Importantly, the PWM OEM is also interested in recruiting the following practicing and retired professionals:

physicians, nurses, emergency medical technicians, pharmacists, epidemiologists, health educators, psychologists, social workers, language interpreters, and administrators.

All medical, public health and allied health professionals are encouraged to volunteer.

There are a limited number of positions available in the PWM OEM POD Corps and staff will be selected from amongst the applicants based on skills, other commitments, scheduling flexibility, etc.

POD volunteers will receive free advance and “on the job” training. In order to protect the volunteers and in accordance with national policy, volunteers and their families will receive any medications prior to the public opening of the POD. Training is expected to be once a year after the initial training period.

According to PWM OEM Commissioner, Peter A. Forman, the PWM OEM intends to have the POD up and running by this coming fall/winter (2009) flu season. According to Forman, “Our goal is to have a well-staffed and well-equipped POD right here on the Peninsula, staffed largely by the smart, dedicated folks of our own community.”

Those interested should can apply here online or print and faxback an application form found here or email us at with the information.

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