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Peninsula Villages and Town Join to Create Office of Emergency Management

Will Streamline Disaster and Emergency Response

Port Washington and Manhasset, NY -  The Villages of Baxter Estates, Manorhaven, Plandome Heights, Plandome Manor, Plandome, Port Washington North, Sands Point along with the Town of North Hempstead have joined together to form the Port Washington-Manhasset Office of Emergency Management (PWM OEM) to better plan for and coordinate their response to an emergency, such as a hurricane.  “Our villages realize that there will be no artificial boundaries in the event of a disaster,” said Peter Forman, the elected Commissioner of the PWM OEM, “and by bringing together important services such as the Port Washington Fire Department, Sands Point Police Department, Port Washington Police District, Nassau County 6th Precinct, as well as the many villages, public works departments, and many other organizations and resources on the peninsula, we will be in a much better position to handle any emergency situation that might arise.”

The group’s mission includes:

  • Planning for, response to, and support of disasters, emergencies, or planned events

  • Enhanced inter-municipal cooperation

  • Peninsula-wide education

  • Joint lobbying for emergency resources

  • Mutual Aid Agreement that facilitates the sharing of resources.


The Port Washington peninsula, which includes most of Manhasset, is home to about 32,000 residents, 50,000 visiting employees, 3 police departments, 4 fire departments, 9 villages and unincorporated Town areas, over 6000 school children, 11 public and private K-12 campuses, 7 nursery schools, 19 churches and temples, multiple public works, sanitation, and parks departments, 1 hospital, multiple senior citizen centers, and a nursing home.

The PWM OEM will be approaching other institutions on the peninsula that in an emergency might require additional resources or can provide them.  It will plan with nursing homes, medical facilities, schools, and others to coordinate, communicate, and to prepare as part of a fully integrated emergency response plan.  “We have taken an important first step in making the peninsula better positioned to marshal available information and resources to best respond to expected and unexpected challenges that might arise,” said Forman.

The PWM OEM would like to recognize the support of the following elected officials: State Senator Craig Johnson, Legislator Wayne Wink, Town Councilman Fred Pollack, Supervisor Kaiman, Mayor Donno, Mayor Weitzner, Mayor Haagenson,  Mayor Riscica, Mayor Minutillo, Mayor Herrington, Mayor Avena, and numerous others who helped us in our efforts.

For more information, contact the PWM OEM at:

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