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What is it?

NorthShoreAlert is a regional public mass notification system designed to keep those who live or work on the Port Washington peninsula informed of important information during emergency and non-emergency events. The system is sponsored and led by the Port Washington-Manhasset Office of Emergency Management.

Public mass notification systems have become an important additional component of emergency preparation and response.

  • Residents prepare to be notified of emergencies by providing their landline phones, cell phones and e-mail addresses.

  • Public safety officials can respond by using the system to rapidly send out messages when there is a perceived, upcoming, or imminent situation that may require community action.

Based on the severity of the event, NorthShoreAlert may be used to contact residents by one or all of the following methods: home phone, work phone, cell phone, e-mail, text message. Mass notification systems have been attributed with saving lives and property throughout the USA in many emergency situations.

Notifications can come from anyone of the members of affiliates subscribing to this service. The list of members and affiliates can be seen here.

With the NorthShoreAlert, residents and businesses only need to provide their contact information once to receive emergency messages from any of the many districts to which they belong based on where they live or work.  As an example, a resident of Baxter Estates is a member of the following districts:  The Town, Village of Baxter Estates, PWFD, PWPD, Garbage District, and the PWM OEM district.  Through this single sign up, these entities can communicate with them as the leadership may deem appropriate.

How does it work?

NorthShoreAlert has significant capacity to send large volumes of messages through phone, e-mail and text communication channels.
When there is an emergency event requiring community action, authorized officials record a voice, e-mail or text message that is then delivered quickly to individuals affected by the event.

As an example: If a hurricane event triggers an warning notice, officials can use the system to keep affected communities informed of event information as necessary.

Since there are many instances when the public may not be at home to receive an emergency message, public safety officials feel it is important that all residents and businesses provide additional contact channels by registering voluntary cell phone numbers, e-mail addresses and text numbers through the NorthShoreAlert self-subscription web portal.

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